Opmega Gastronomic Days of “Galician Mussels”.

23 de November de 2021 Actualidad, Promoción

Opmega Gastronomic Days of “Galician Mussels”.


Great reception by the public in Valencia at the Opmega “Galician Mussels” gastronomic days. The campaign began on Tuesday 16 November with a dinner for professionals and the media at La Sastería restaurant.

Almost a hundred people were encouraged to taste at  the Corte Inglés de Pintor Sorolla, with limited capacity after registration, with the help of Miguel Mosteiro, a renowned Galician chef, the 6 showcookings in which he prepared 12 different recipes with mussels as a central element.

An information point was set up in the Central Market, where mussel recipes were given away in the fishmongers’ shops in the precinct.

A total of 20 different preparations were served, divided between tastings and showcookings.