Annual conference Opmega, PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE of the Miticulture Sector

31 de May de 2022 Actualidad

Annual conference Opmega, PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE of the Miticulture Sector

Different experts endorse the quality of the Galician mussel at OPMEGA’s annual conference, past, present and future of the Miticulture Sector. The Mayor of Tourism of the Vilagarcía City Council, Álvaro Carou, and the Deputy Director General of Aquaculture, Gonzalo, participated in the presentation. Lopez. The first presentation was given by Xabier Irigoien where he spoke of the importance of the sea sector and especially of aquaculture to feed a future population that in the year 2100 is estimated to be 11,000 million inhabitants, the mussel, and in general, all kinds of molluscs also have the least possible impact on the environment. These products are large deposits of Omega 3 and essential oleic acids for the functioning of the nervous system.

Uxio Labarta has highlighted that a large part of the problems that the production sector is going through with the cheek issue is due to the fact that, as they are not part of the brotherhoods, they do not have a specific exploitation plan for which they depend on other groups protected by the Xunta, and precisely the Barnacle Plan 2022-2024, which incorporates the reserve areas for cheek, does not have data from the last 20 years, Labarta believes that the lack of data on the cheek “leaves the sector in a situation of defenselessness similar to that of the fishing fleet in the 1970s”, due to deficiencies in the related statistics, it has seen its historical rights reduced.

Women were also present on this day. Dolores Gómez valued women’s work in the punt since it began in 1946, they had a fundamental role being a vital workforce and necessary for their development.

In the training part, José Ramon Entenza presented the different maritime training courses necessary to work in the sector

Carola González referred to the contribution of Spain to the Strategic Guidelines for a more sustainable competitive EU aquaculture 2021-2030, and highlighted the importance of the Galician sector in this context. The deputy director of MAPA has pointed out that the production of molluscs represents 75.8% of the production and 21.7% of the value of aquaculture in Spain, highlighting that 98.9% of the production of marine aquaculture in Spain and the 86.5% of its value corresponds to the mussel.

Finally, there was a special mention where the President of Opmega, Ricardo Herbón, presented a plaque to Rosa Gallardo, for her 30 years of work in the raft.

Carola González and Ricardo Herbón bid farewell to the event. This event is part of the 2022 Production and Marketing Plan and is also part of the European Maritime Day event program, from DG Mare.

You can see the full presentations at the following links:

Xabier Irigoien, Director científico de AZTI: Jornada ponencia Xabier Irigoien

Uxío Labarta, Profesor de investigación “Ad honorem” en CSIC: Jornada ponencia Uxio Labarta

Dolores Gómez, Presidenta de Mulleres Salgadas: Jornada ponencia Dolores Gómez

José Ramón Entenza,  Jefe de departamento de gestión de la formación ISM de Bamio: Jornada ponencia José R Entenza

Carola González, Subdirectora Gral de Acuicultura, Comercialización Pesquera y Acciones Estructurales: Jornada ponencia Carola González