Opmega extends its networks in Portugal after incorporating a producer from the Algarve among its partners

7 de February de 2019 Board of Directors

Opmega extends its networks in Portugal after incorporating a producer from the Algarve among its partners

The organization wants to expand in the neighboring country and market there both Portuguese mollusk and the Galician “black gold”

The Organization of Galician Mussel Producers (Opmega), the most important entity of how many make up the aquaculture fabric in the community, continues taking steps with the purpose of expanding, reaching new markets and consumers, reinforcing the image of quality of the “black gold” of Galician punts and, in short, competing in a globalized market. This goes through internationalization, which is no longer limited to the sale of products to wastewater treatment companies and marketers in countries such as France and Italy, but extends the production chain to countries such as Portugal.

It is an internationalization strategy that is considered by the organization, “will improve our competitiveness and promote economic growth, allowing our members to continue to grow, access new resources, achieve greater visibility inside and outside our borders and deepen the differentiation of our products and brands, even entering into contact with consumers more demanding. “Proof of this is that the entity chaired by Ricardo Herbón González has decided to incorporate a Portuguese partner with its own production systems in the south of the neighboring country, more specifically in the Algarve.

In Opmega, they consider that” the The accession of this new associate represents our opening to the foreign market “. And this means that this Galician entity will be able to market within the Portuguese borders “not only the mussel produced in Portugal, but also the one of Galician origin”.

External promotion

In this way the two parties will take advantage of the fact that they have “experience in the realization of external promotion actions that affect the projection and positioning of the product in international markets “. Proof of this is its participation in” fairs and events of the sector inside and outside of Spain “, hence the immediate objective is” to put in common all that experience to strengthen the strategy of internationalization of Opmega, this being a priority mission for our organization in the current year “. They stand out in the Ricardo Herbón team.

In brief, with the incorporation of the Portuguese partner “Opmega goes from being a national producers organization to a transnational reference” in aquaculture.

Faro de Vigo, February 9th, 2019