Producers’ organization of Mussel from Galicia.

Defense of interests

OPMEGA unites efforts, improves and defends the interests of their producers and the defence of mussel from Galicia.

OPMEGA is the most representative organization of Galician mussel sector and it is present in all places, both local and national

Our numbers
Currently it is integrated by 753 rafts and 522 associates grouped in 11 delegations located in the estuary of Muros y Noia, Arousa, Pontevedra y Vigo

Producers’ organization of Mussel from Galicia

OPMEGA, is an OP national organization recognized by the Law of the Department of farming , Fishing and Feeding, of December 30, 1986 (Official Bulletin of the Statenº 23, date 27. 01. 1987)as OPP-18.

Originally formed in 1986 as OPMAR, it changed to OPMEGA in 1996.

Since its foundation, OPMEGA join all the producers of Galician estuaries, where the work, improvement and defense of their interests and their mussel are very important.

OPMEGA is the most representative organization of the Galician mussel sector; it is present in all areas, both local and national, where the interests are debated or eventually defended and where the interests of this sector are announced.

Currently it is integrated by 753 rafts and 522 members reunited in 11 delegations distributed in the estuaries of Muros and Noia, Arousa, Pontevedra and Vigo.







Why mussels are a good idea

1. Natural process

Grownded in their own natural environment, mussels are purged with sterilized sea water.

2. Proven quality

A rigorous sanitary control applied daily, guarantees one hundred percent of quality.

3. Nutritious food

It contains vitamins C, D, B1, B2, P.P and provitamin A in high proportions, it is perfect for our diet.

Stellamare is born as a brand linked to OPMEGA for
facilitate the Mussel sale and its derivates, in
international markets and to promote trade agreements.

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